Holiday Road Trip - Kansas City

 Sunset in Georgia (dragon cloud)

We went on a road trip. Fourteen hours (one way) in the car to travel to Kansas City and visit my brother. I've only passed through Kansas City before, so I was very excited to have time for a visit. This was a last minute trip to see family and my five month old nephew, but a little sight-seeing was on the menu. Using Expedia, we found a hotel minutes away from my brother's house and downtown at a rate within our budget. It was nice to be able to have minimal travel during our stay.

We had originally planned to drive straight through, but started late on the way out. Since we were driving at night, we couldn't see much, but had the following day to drive through Missouri. We drove through flat lands and farmland, but I still found it beautiful. Since it is winter, we could see all the farm houses. It is actually a bit eerie. As we passed through St. Louis, we could see the gateway arch in skyline and I got some great shots as we passed over the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge.

 farm land
 Science City at Union Station
 Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, St. Louis
 me sitting in the car

Kansas City was great. We mostly drove around the city, but my son enjoyed all of the trains. We also took the Streetcar on full loop, which was very exciting to Dean. The architecture is really beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful details on the older buildings. One afternoon was spent with my brother's family at Union Station. The station was still decorated for the holidays with large trees and hanging lights. 

 ferris wheel
 Missouri River
 Union Station model trains
 Missouri river bridge
 library district, Kansas City
 rund down building

While there we went through the model train room. Dean was over the moon when we saw all the trains. This kid gets enthusiastic about train tracks, so this was a real treat. They has so many trains and model towns. Even as an adult, it was hard not to be enthralled. Next we went to Science City, which is like a children's interactive science museum. There was so much to see here. Two floors full of fun activities and exhibits. They even have playrooms for the little ones. Dean was worn out from the exciting day, it was definitely all about him.

We started our journey home after three days. We actually started our drive around noon, so I was able to take some pictures while my husband drove. It was a bit cloudy, but we were happy to stay ahead of the incoming storm. We made it home in time to spend New Year's with my in-laws.

 sunset in field

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