A New Season to Unwind

 yard flowers

I have been feeling over stressed recently. There are many factors contributing to this state of being. I overwork myself between a full-time day job, classes, running a business part-time, and home life with a moody four year old. Everything is converging and my mind is in a continual storm. I find it very difficult to release tension and clear my mind for a few minutes. 

I am a sensitive person by nature and literally carry my feelings on my shoulders. I try to hide my stress, but I am more apparent than I would like. My husband has recently mentioned that he can see my tension. My shoulders will pass my ears any day now.

Autumn is upon us and I would like to take this new season to de-stress my life and find outlets of relaxation. Our family have begun taking camping trips more often. I love being surrounded by the woods. Taking long hikes and relaxing at the camp site provide a wonderful distraction from daily pressures. These trips also deliver a removal of technology.

Without internet connection, I become incapable of checking work emails or analyzing social media statistics. I begin to think less about what others are thinking and more about myself. Many of us strive to meet the needs of others and forget to help or nurture ourselves.  

Last night, I played a game of hide-and-seek with my son. It was a very carefree moment of laughter and amusement. My husband also joined in the game. Having a toddler can add stress in moments, but instances like these (forgetting adult concerns) are worth the struggles. My son's happiness is infective and I couldn't help but match his mood.

I know, like the seasons, this mood shall pass with time. Until then, I will aim to enjoy the little moments more often.