Monthly Reads | November 2016

 woman reading in meadow

Enthrall Secrets by Vanessa Fewings

Narrator: Olivia Hart

Erotica | Romance

This novel was really two stories in once. We follow Scarlet in the past and present through two different relationships with Danton and Ethan. It was interesting that Fewings uses the conflicts of one character to connect with the past of another. Both are instant love connections, but the intimacy appears genuine.

Although this novel was about a dominatrix, I found the erotic scenes to be quite tame. This novel was about Scarlet's personal life with a sprinkle of her profession. Based on the description (which, completely leaves out Ethan), I was expecting more intense sequences. I'm not disappointed with what was produced, I just thought it would be more.

I enjoyed Hart's sultry voice as the narrator, however I found the narration to be a bit robotic, especially at the beginning of the novel. I had a difficult time getting past this until I became absorbed in the story. Hart did create character but they fell a bit flat.

Overall, an enjoyable romance which includes erotic scenes throughout. Enthrall Secrets is an easy read and fits nicely within the contemporary romance genre.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. I received an audio version of this books for free from the author in exchange for review consideration. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.