My First Experience at the ALA Annual Conference

 San Francisco, CA. Photo by  Meriç Dağlı  on  Unsplash

I had a fantastic time at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. It was a bit overwhelming with so many sessions, exhibitors, and sight-seeing. I wish I could have attended every session, but that just isn't possible. This is an experience I will need to repeat and I suggest everyone goes at least once in their career.

Here are some images from the highlights of my time at the conference.

Library Reads Breakfast - I had the opportunity to listen to six authors talk about their upcoming books. We also received copies of each of their books and could get them signed.

Night Vale Radio - If you haven't listened to the Night Vale Radio podcast, you should. The creators of the podcast discussed the creation of the show and their upcoming novel based around the town of Night Vale.

Authors in the Exhibit Halls - So many sights to see in the exhibit halls. All of the vendors were fantastic, but it was amazing to see so many authors. I had never attended a book signing before, so this was a huge treat. I also got to meet some of my favorite authors! It was very hard not to grab every book that interested me.

 Louis Sachar
 Jeffrey Brown autograph

YA Coffee Klatch - This was another author meet and greet opportunity. I got to meet about 6-8 YA authors and heard about their upcoming novels.

Pride Parade - What a week to be in San Francisco! Watching the Pride Parade was a rare opportunity and I am fortunate to have been there.

Sight-Seeing - I had never been to San Francisco before. I did have some time to walk around. I didn't see everything I wanted, but I plan on returning to this city in the future.

 San Francisco Pride Parade
 downtown San Francisco
 San Francisco State House