Blog Challenge | Post One

 desktop computer

I previously posted a Librarian Blog Challenge and have decided to start with number 10: What is on your desk right now?

Here are five items you can almost always find floating around my desk.

1. Desk calendar. My calendar is essential. I prefer using print calendars over electronic ones. The calendar on my desk helps me keep track of scheduling conflicts, programs, holidays, weekend rotations, and more.

2. New books. There is a constant flow of books coming in and out of my office. Currently, I am affixing barcodes to new lease books.

3. Silly office supplies. I like to add a personal touch to my work desk. The toilet tape dispenser/pencil holder I acquired from my husband is a crowd pleaser. I also have a rubber Mini Cooper that doubles as a boredom toy and USB drive.

4. Snacks and a book I am attempting to read. It is essential to have snacks. Hungry librarians are not happy librarians.

5. Damaged books that need my attention. Damages happen and I have to deal with them. After shedding a tear, I assess the damage and take appropriate action.