20 Things I Have Learned One Year Out of Library School

 library stacks. {Header Image Source:  Pixabay }

1. There is a large difference between theoretical learning and practical experience.

2. You can never be prepared for the myriad of questions asked by patrons.

3. Librarians can be split into two groups: Those who are obsessed with cats and those who are not.

4. You won't always be the "new guy."

5.  Learning about the profession never stops.  Engage in webinars, MOOCs, conferences, etc. whenever you can.

6. Patience is a learned skill and very important.

7. It is disappointing when you can't help a patron.

8.  There is a division among library departments. Communication among staff is vital.

9.  Although posted externally, many library positions (jobs) are filled internally.

10. Copy machines are awful.  New or old, they will jam, go haywire, print blank pages, print sideways, eat money, freeze, etc.

11. Learn the databases offered by your facility.  Some may be more helpful than Google.

12.  Every library has regulars.  Get to know them.

13. Having diverse, engaging programming is key to getting patrons through the door.

14.  Don't forget about you branch librarians.

15.  What seems easy to you, is not necessarily easy to the patron.

16.  For the first time in my life, I like my job. I enjoy being a librarian.

17. When in staff meetings, don't be afraid to state your opinions, but be respectful others.

18. Having a mentor at work is extremely beneficial.

19.  Collection weeding projects are basically a fight to the death.

20. Librarians are awesome!